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Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company Overview


Tractor Supply Company is the largest rural retail store chain in the U.S., with over 1,700 stores across 49 states. Tractor Supply stores offer livestock and pet products, hardware, tools, maintenance products, lawn and gardening items, power equipment, clothing, footwear, and more. The company employs over 29,000 team members and is currently headquartered outside Nashville, Tennessee. It posted, yet again, record net sales in 2017, and currently ranks 396th on the Fortune 500 list.

Key Financials (2017)

Total Revenue:$7.26 billion
Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth:7.03%
Gross Profit:$2.49 billion
Net Income:$422.6 million

Company Information

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Founded in 1938, The Tractor Supply Company is spending its 80th year by implementing its “ONETractor” strategy: driving profitable growth, offering relevant products and services, building customer-centric engagement, and enhancing core and foundational capabilities. The company opened 101 new Tractor Supply stores and returned $503 million to shareholders in 2017, with plans to do even more in 2018.

In 2016, Tractor Supply Co. acquired the pet retailer and supplier, Petsense, and now owns and operates 168 Petsense locations. The acquisition further increased Tractor Supply Co.’s largest sales category: livestock and pet, making up 47% of total annual sales. The company plans to open 20 new Petsense stores in 2018.

Further Resources

  Company Site | Investor News & Annual Reports | NYSE: TSCO

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