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Athletico PT

Athletico PT - Employing over 4,000 staff members, Serving 400+ Communities in 11 states, Offering over 50 specialty programs and services, Recipient of the Chicago Tribune's "Top Workplaces 2016" award

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Hamilton Point Garden Park Apartments

Hamilton Point's Garden Park Apartment DST is a 246-unit class-A property on 9.96 acres of land in Fayetteville, AR. Fayetteville is the 15th fastest growing metropolitan statistical area and was ranked 19th in the 2012 Forbes Magazine Best Places for...

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Both of Them Are Ethical and Knowledgeable

I have been investing in real estate, both in commercial and multi-family income properties for over 40 years. Almost all my assets are in self managed real estate. For the past six or seven years I have been liquidating some of my self-managed real es

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Investments Have Filled My Needs

I wish to thank you and TripleNet Gateway for helping me invest my retirement funds to achieve the very good returns on my savings. As the very low interest rates and unreliable stock market was not dependable, investments with TripleNet Gateway have filled my nee

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Revenue Ruling

Revenue Ruling A "Revenue Ruling” (Rev. Rul.) is a public declaration by the Internal Revenue Service that explains how the tax code applies to a particular situation. Revenue Rulings state the official position of the IRS, and can...

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As a Former HNW Bank Trust Portfolio Manager

As with many private client investors, tax constraints are a material limitation given low basis real estate, common stock, and other legacy holdings. As a former HNW bank trust portfolio manager, many such fiduciaries prefer to offer "industry...

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FedEx Corporation Corporate Profile

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) is an American-based international courier service company that also offers various e-commerce and business services. FedEx employes over 300,000 individuals. It began with overnight air delivery and has expanded...

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TNP/POST Ladera Palms, DST

NP/POST Ladera Palms, DST is a 784-unit, garden-style apartment community, in Ft. Worth, Texas. The units offers occupants various amenities, including walk-in closets, heating and air, refridgerators, and other large appliances. The facility itself...

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He Has Kept His Word and Never Gone Back on It

I have been associated with my TripleNet Gateway representative since 2010 when we sold our self storage facility. At that time it was the largest deal we had ever done. To this day I don't know how I lucked out finding him but it was luck. We were going to do

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