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What is TripleNet Gateway?

We're a free, no-obligation service that connects you to net-leased investment professionals, education, and tools.  Our network of experienced tax, legal, and real estate professionals helps you successfully identify and invest in opportunistic NN and NNN properties, and navigate and complete your 1031, 1033, or 721 exchange to maximize the deferral of your capital gains taxes.

We have the education, tools, and personalized guidance you need to successfully find the right triple net investment properties. Our triple net experts provide clients with access to an extensive list of vetted off- and on-market properties, including:

  • Sole-ownership net-leased ("NNN" or "NN" leases)
  • Bank-owned discounted commercial real estate
  • Fractional 1031 investments (Delaware Statutory Trust "DST" and Tenant-in-Common "TIC")
  • Properties structured for 721 exchange into Real Estate Investment Trust "UPREIT"

What can TripleNet Gateway do for me?

Our triple net specialists can help you make informed, strategic real estate investing decisions and can provide access to investments that are customized to meet your specific investment goals and tax needs. From our capital gains tax calculator, to our articles and forums, we're here to educate, inform, and answer your questions.

Are you looking for investment real estate with a triple net lease structure? We're committed to simplifying the process and getting you in touch with experienced professionals who will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Fill out the form above and we ensure that you will receive a response within 24 hours.

How does TripleNet Gateway make money?

Broker-Dealers and individual Registered Representatives pay us for the chance to compete for your business. You won't pay a cent for our services. Our resources—the triple net articles, calculators, and other tools found on this site—are all free and are designed to help you learn about the triple net investing process.

I am a Broker-Dealer or Registered Representative. How can I serve TripleNet Gateway clients?

Do you have exceptionally high standards of due diligence and customer care? Do you maintain relationships with your 1031 investors after their exchanges are complete? Are you more concerned with finding the most suitable tax-advantaged solutions and investment opportunities for each client than you are about your own short-term gain? If you answered "yes" to ALL of the above, then you might be a good fit for clients served by TripleNet Gateway. Please call (800) 779-3638 or email info@triplenetgateway.com today to learn more about how you could help serve inbound TripleNet Gateway clients.

I am 1031 Accommodator. How can I serve TripleNet Gateway clients?

Are you an established and experienced Qualified Intermediary with a thorough track record in assisting clients with their tax-deferred real estate exchanges? Do you have substantial fidelity bonding and do you use segregated accounts? Is your client service responsive, meticulous in attention to detail, and are your fees and policies reasonable? If you answered "yes" to ALL of the above, then you might be a good fit for clients served by TripleNet Gateway. Please call (800) 779-3638 or email info@triplenetgateway.com today to learn more about how you could help serve our valued clients.

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