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Tractor Supply Co Corporate Profile

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Current Annual Revenue: $5.1 billion
Current Gross Profit: $1.8 billion
Current Annual Net Income: $328 million
2013 Fiscal Yr. Revenue Growth: 10.73%

Tractor Supply Co (NASDAQ: TSCO) is a leading chain of retail stores that each carry products related to home improvement, agriculture, work clothes, footwear, hardware, truck maintenance, towing, tools, lawn, garden, livestock, equine care, and household pet care. It employs over 17,000 individuals, operates over 1,200 stores across 47 states, and processes orders from Stores are typically over 16,000 square feet inside and are strategically located in towns near major metropolitan areas and in rural communities. Tractor Supply aims to expand total store square footage by 8% per year. Tractor Supply was listed by Forbes magazine among the 100 fastest growing businesses. It also owns Del's Feed and Farm Supply.

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