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PNC Bank Corporate Profile

PNC Financial

 S&P Rated (PNC Financial Services Group):
Investment Grade A


Current Annual Revenue: $16.28 billion
Current Gross Profit: $15.96 billion
Current Annual Net Income: $4.18 billion
2014 Fiscal Year Revenue Growth: -3.50%

PNC Bank, N.A. is the principal subsidiary of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank is based in Pittsburgh and offers personal and corporate banking services through 2,700+ branches and 8,000 ATMs in 20 different states and in Washington, DC. PNC Financial Services Group diversifies its offerings across residential mortgage products, and corporate/government banking services, including real estate finance, asset-based lending, wealth management, and asset management. PNC also develops technology-forward products such as “Virtual Wallet”, which is a mobile app integrated with a set of bundled accounts named “Spend” (checking), “Reserve” (interest-bearing checking), and “Growth” (savings). It also sponsors initiatives to improve education, health and human services, and cultural activities. SNL Financial ranks PNC as the 7th largest American bank by total assets, at $335 billion. It is the fifth largest bank in America by total branches and the sixth largest by deposits in the U.S. Among the 100 largest American banks by total assets, PNC ranks 30th in return on average equity, at 9.8%, and has the 16th lowest ratio of NPLs to total loans, at 1.6%.

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